Editorial policy

Guidelines for the Editorial Policy of the Collection

The Koiné collection of Communication and Social Sciences, belonging to the Faculty of Communication and Social Sciences at San Jorge University, aims to promote and disseminate academic reflection on topics of interest in the field of Social Sciences. The principles established in this collection respond to the following lines:

In the collection, preference will be given to the publication of work of a collaborative nature in which the participation of authors affiliated with San Jorge University and research centres or national, European and international universities is allowed. Priority is given to the proportion of external and international USJ authors that the academic and publishing managers establish for each collection of work.

The director of the collection and the editorial coordinator of the centre will present an annual planning of a minimum of four titles or topics to the scientific committee that will be incorporated into the list of publications in the collection. This proposal must be accompanied by the name of the coordinator or coordinators (up to a maximum of three). Independently of the order of the edition, and of the interdisciplinary vision that the subject allows, a book will be proposed for each one of the following areas: Communication, Education, Law and Administration and Business Management.

The manuscripts that pass the quality criteria with the corresponding favourable scientific reports by the reviewers/evaluators, who form part of the annual review and evaluation committee, will be published.

To guarantee the criteria of scientific impact established for the evaluation of the University Collections following the agreement among UNE (Union of Spanish University Publishers) – a recognition which the University Collections that meet the established requirements by the three mentioned Institutions may opt for the evaluation process -, the manuscripts sent for publication will be subjected to an Open Peer Review by researchers or specialists accredited in the area of ​​study of the research that will have been previously proposed by the scientific committee.

Each book will have one or a maximum of three coordinators who, together with the centre’s editorial coordinator, will promote the theme of the book to capture as many manuscripts as possible for evaluation and possible publication. They are responsible for specifying the focus and structure of the chapters of the book as well as carrying out the final revision of the texts before the editing process of the manuscript begins by Ediciones USJ and giving the go-ahead to the printing process.